Commercial Application Academy

Innovations are given life first be determining a commercial application. Understanding the problem your technology solves; market and stakeholder effects; and determining a path to payment are vital to the ultimate goal of proving commercial viability in global health care markets.

RQR is bringing a 1-day Academy focused on understanding the commercial application of medical device, diagnostics, and digital health innovations.

In this Academy, you will gain a better understanding of how to assess the commercial application of your life science and health care innovations.

Gain an understanding of:

  • What does the technology actually accomplish?
  • Does the technology solve a necessary problem?
  • Lateral application assessment.
  • Circle of influence (patient, physician, payer, hospital, society)
  • Virtual pivoting to preserve time and capital.
  • Non-dilutive funding
  • Market size validation

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USA Market Academy

Success, more often than not, is dependent on entering the USA market. The United States market is unique, with many stakeholders in the decision making process.

RQR is bringing a 1-day Academy focused on USA market access to Europe.

In this Academy, you will gain a better understanding of the unique complexities of the US market; the motivations of the numerous stakeholders involved in the decision making process; and how to better position for US market success.

Gain an understanding of:

  • Healthcare is a choice, not a right to the US patient (Consumers)
  • Health insurance landscape (Payors)
  • Market access; penetration, utilization, adoption (Sales Barriers and Process)
  • Strategic pricing guidelines by user and point of care (Pricing)
  • Liability protection and watch outs (Legal)
  • Team composition; how to gain access to the right people at the right time (Experts)

Take advantage of meeting with United States market experts who have lived and succeeded in the global life science industry.

Learn from the experiences of RQR’s trusted advisors before committing time and capital to the wrong strategy.

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1-Day Academy Agenda

  • Introduction

    The USA healthcare market is the largest and most complex in the world. How can I enter this market?

  • Healthcare is a choice not a right to the US patient

    The US is a consumer driven healthcare market with significant patient costs, which is influenced by profit driven mentality of insurance providers, hospitals and clinicians.

  • Health Insurance Landscape

    While 85% of healthcare is supported by the government in Denmark, less than 50% is supported by the USA government. Profit and loss are as much of a concern as care. Understanding motive and money flow is essential to penetration, utilization and adoption.

  • Market Access; Penetration, Utilization, Adoption

    Be prepared for a long process with significant challenges. Learning who the stakeholders are and gaining access will accelerate sales.

  • Strategic Pricing: By User and Point of Care

    What is the value of the problem you are solving, and who pays for it?

  • Recap of Morning Session

    Consumers, Payors, Decision Makers and Pricing

  • Liability Protections and Watch-outs

    $6 Billion spent annually on malpractice claims in the US. There are no monetary caps on the claims and 75% is allocated to attorney’s fees and administration.

  • Team Composition

    In the USA, it is best practice to have allies and relationships with specialists practicing in Regulatory, Clinical, KOLs, Reimbursement, Legal, Marketing, Sales, and Corporate Partnerships.

  • Question & Answer Session

Commercial Viability Academy™

The Commercial Viability Academy™ is a 2 day workshop led by the RQR expert advisory team. During the workshop, learn the critical aspects of the life science business requirement applying real market knowledge. The Commercial Viability Academy is designed to be intimate, deep learning experiences with life science peers.

Real market learning;

Day 1

Day 1 is designed for life science executive entrepreneurs and investors to identify and discuss the critical foundations of life science businesses, and to validate their commercial viability.

  • Market Entry. Are you sure you are commercially viable?
    • Proving commercial viability in the US life science market
    • Market access. Learn the dynamics for each of the decision makers.
    • What is the problem you are solving? Can you prove it?
  • Case Study
    • Participate in a live life science case study and peer learning experience
  • Pricing Strategy
    • Confirm the value of a technology with a willingness to pay exercise
    • How big of an issue is the problem you are solving? Value to customer?
  • Non-Dilutive Funding with NIH Grants
    • Founder equity preservation
    • Learn the requirements for application and grant submissions.
  • Exit Mapping
    • What are the Exit points? - Risk/Reward
    • How to identify the right strategic partner
    • Determine the real reason of interest for prospective acquirers

Gain an understanding of how to prepare your own exit map, a living strategy used to continually assess your environment and market terrain.

Day 2

Understand the cost of a mistake, and how a lethal real market inhibitor, “lurking zero”, in life sciences can result in the demise of a company.

  • Intellectual Property
    • Portfolio strategy that is capital efficient and focused on acquisition
  • Reimbursement and Clinical Trial Design
    • Assess payment pathways in private and public markets
  • Regulatory Approval
    • Identify capital efficient and strategic pathways for FDA approval
  • Quality System. Design Engineering and Manufacturing
    • FDA compliance, gross margin analysis and manufacturing

Complete day 2 with an in-depth understanding of lethal market inhibitors and how to avoid costly mistakes when entering the life science and health care markets.

Includes curriculum, breakfast and lunch. Lodging and travel accommodations are not included in the total cost.

For dates and locations of upcoming Commercial Viability Academy™ workshops, or for more information:

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All Access Stakeholder Academy

Rapidly gain understanding to the value of your technology and the market’s willingness to purchase through unprecedented access to actual stakeholders of a major US healthcare system.

RQR Managing Partners, Jim Sargent and Eric Halvorson, will guide a 1-day tour to meet, and have insightful and candid discussions, with the various persons who make the decisions for access, purchase and utilization.

This is an invaluable opportunity for real-world interaction and feedback in a clinical environment with key stakeholders including C-suite administration, department directors, clinicians, nurses, physicians and procurement.

Present your product to real customers and decision makers in real hospitals. Prior to your 1-day visit, James Sargent and Eric Halvorson will assist you with preparation to optimize the learnings from this unique opportunity.

Limited to 1 RQR client per Stakeholder Academy.
Completion of the Commercial Viability Academy™ or a CoVE is a prerequisite.

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Field Diligence

RQR's Advisory partners conduct deliberate in market interaction with physicians, clinicians, administrators and key decision makers. RQRs field diligence is highly efficient and effective in challenging your assumptions.

  • Value Proposition
    • Emotional / Functional problems
    • Identification and validation
  • Find Subjective inhibitors
    • Market Access
  • Competitive Landscape Assessment
    • SWOT analysis and market entry reaction
  • Pricing Strategy
    • Assess and confirm the value of a technology and willingness to pay

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CoVE (Commercial Viability Evaluation)

RQR's CoVE, Commercial Viability Evaluation, is focused on assessing a technology's commercial viability. RQR Partners will provide a commercial review for the identified technology including; value proposition, market overview, market potential, competitive assessment, barriers to entry, pricing strategy and strategic partner options in the USA. The report will be formulated by market research and field diligence.

  • Commercial Viability Evaluation Summary Report
    • RQR Partners will develop a strategic report by investigating, analyzing, and proposing the commercial value of novel and proprietary technology
    • Provide an overview of the commercial impact such a technology would have relating to work flow, barriers to adoption, and competitive reactions
    • Assess potential strategic partnerships
    • Understand how pricing strategies for each potential application and uses of the technology would impact commercial viability and adoption
    • Perform baseline review for regulatory, reimbursement, & operations
  • Exit Map Summary Report
    • Identify strategic commercial value for potential commercial licensing partners
    • Create strategies for licensing which realize the intrinsic value of the technology and provide fair market value compensation
  • Field Research & Diligence Interviews
    • Value Proposition
    • Find Subjective inhibitors
    • Competitive Landscape Assessment
    • Pricing Strategy

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