Opportunity speculation can be captured in a spreadsheet, however, the path to commercial viability is determined in the real world by users, payers, clinicians and physicians. And while a good pitch is necessary to create interest for investment, it is validating the path to commercial viability that secures the investment.

RQR PARTNERS™ offers direct funding for early stage companies based on commercial viability, strategic partners and liquidation time horizon. In addition, we advise entrepreneurs on potential sources of non-dilutive funding.

We lead life science entrepreneurs with a holistic view of their business, using comprehensive real market knowledge, behind-the-scenes access and unique funding sources to attain commercial viability.

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Things are different in the US and we need people that actually have done this before and know the American system. We cannot do this ourselves.

Klaus Klausen Espedal, CMO | Independence Gear AS | Norway

I’m learning how we should enter the US market and every kind of pitfall that we potentially could fall into and also how we should strategically make decisions moving forward. What I liked the most is the opportunity to address any questions with experts that have been through this process themselves.

Trude Tingvoll | Chief Business Officer | RESPINOR AS | Norway